Commercial Security Systems

Protect the future of your business and operations by protecting your assets, inventory, customer information and intellectual property. Guetzke & Associates specializes in industrial,  commercial and educational facility security systems with a multitude of options and products available designed for your specific needs.

Access Control Systems

Keep track of all your employees, entrances and exits. Limit, control and monitor who goes where and when with-in your commercial facility while maintaining national, state and local fire/life safety codes. We offer a variety  proximity, biometric and multi-technology readers, along with systems designed for small or large facilities. 

Video Surveillance

Watch, monitor and document live activity at your facility with a high quality CCTV or IP camera system. Digital recorders store the information for later viewing and prosecution of criminal activity. All of our systems accommodate remote viewing via Tablet, PC or Smart Phone.

Intercom and Door Entry Systems

Telephone entry and telephone intercom systems provide both communication and access control for residents and their guest. Our unique telephone intercom system provides direct two-way communication from a lobby directly to an apartment, whether the apartment has Central Office phone service or not. We can even provide a simple "call down" feature that enables the resident to contact a doorman, manager, or security office by pressing just 2 numbers on their touchtone phone.

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