24/365 UL® Certified Monitoring Services

Guetzke & Associates, Inc., offers a variety of monitoring options to protect your most valuable assets. Built to be compliant with all State and Federal Building Codes, our monitoring solutions are the difference between discovery and disaster. Our 24/365 monitoring station service is provided by Emergency-24, a UL Listed and CSAA Five Diamond Certified Central Station. Emergency-24 offers the latest in technology and a nationwide network of redundant central stations. 

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AES Wireless Radio Monitoring

This technology is proven and has been around for 20 + Years. AES radio monitoring can save you up to $900.00 per year/per building in phone line fees that were once required to monitor your fire alarm panel. Guetzke & Associates AES IntelliNet wireless radio fire alarm network is UL and NFPA-72 compliant, endorsed by the State of Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services, Wisconsin State Fire Inspectors Association and Area-1 & 6 fire Inspectors. 

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Cellular Monitoring

Cellular monitoring also allows for the  elimination of expensive telephone lines. While the communication is not as fast as “Radio” and a bit more expensive to monitor, cellular is a good option for remote areas not yet covered by our radio network. 

Dial-Up Monitoring

The traditional way of monitoring your fire or security alarm system. This method, NFPA-72 requires (2) active POT’s or “Plain Old Telephone Lines”. 

Elevator Phone Monitoring

In Wisconsin, all new elevators and most older ones require some sort of elevator monitoring. This is in the event the elevator has a mechanical malfunction or a passenger requires emergency assistance.  Monitoring can be done via conventional phone line or cellular interface. 

Area of Refuge Monitoring

The “Areas of Refuge” or “Areas of Rescue Assistance” concept was established to provide a location for building occupants, who cannot traverse the stairs without assistance, to assemble by an exit and await assistance or instructions by the first responders. Monitoring can be done via conventional phone line or cellular interface. 

Live Video Monitoring

Keep watch of your commercial facility with Live Remote Video Monitoring viewable on your smartphone or tablet. 

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